About Michael

Born in Portsmouth, Michael’s love of the outdoors grew from many family holidays spent exploring and walking the south coast path, from Dorset to Devon. A formative trip hiking in the mountains of Snowdonia at the age of 12 inspired a love for the more rugged landscape, and a keen interest in hiking.

Michael’s early creative interests began with Music. It wasn’t until his early 20’s, with the advent of digital cameras that he combined a love for walking the landscape with his creative ability. Since then Michael has continued to progress his photography over the course of the last decade. Completely self taught Michael is dedicated to refining his vision of the British landscape.

Now based in Woking, Surrey Michael spends most of his free time out with his camera in the south of England, with regular trips to the mountains of Snowdonia.

My Photography

My photography, and the imaging process that I use is all about capturing my vision of the landscape. But what do I mean by “my vision”?

Through photography I aim to go beyond the purely visual and explore the feeling, emotion and ultimately the connection I have with a place at a single point in time; to represent it as I felt at that one moment. My work is about moving beyond a technical record of a location, it’s an attempt at capturing its essence in artistic form.

This process starts before the press of a shutter, and lasts up to the point of printing a physical image. Before stepping out of the house, I consider the best time of day, and type of light specific to a scene and my representation of it. On location, composition is carefully explored and refined – often taking more than one visit – before selecting filters to bring out the best in camera image possible.

“My work is about moving beyond a technical record of a location, it’s an attempt at capturing its essence in artistic form”.

Once happy with the in-camera image, I set about refining it, perfecting colour balance, contrast and tone to best represent my interpretation of a scene – this is about how I see a scene, not how the camera sees it, after all a camera on its own, cannot record how I felt.

The final step is printing. I print my images on high quality fine art paper. Each paper selected for a specific image to enhance its qualities and realise my vision in physical form. While I have preferred “go-to” papers ultimately, the image dictates which I use. Once printed, the image is mounted on archival quality mount board, cut and mounted by hand ready for framing.

As a photographer, I continually aim to improve and develop my art, understanding and employing new techniques that help me get closer to my vision.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact me here.

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